Pet Hair Remover
The best fabric ever!
The paw is made of a very soft, adhesive, flexible material that captures dog or cat hair and pulls it off the clothes, so it can be washed down or collected in the drip tray of your washing machine.
Reusable, anti-allergenic, harmless to children’s clothing
Helps to remove fur, hair, and dust from your children's clothes, bedding, jackets, clothes, blankets, and sheets.
Easy to use
All you have to do is put it in the washer or dryer and the rest of the work goes to our washing machine cleaning tool with sticky fur trap.
Clothing Hair Remover
Our Clothing Pet Hair Remover is made of a very soft, sticky, flexible material that will catch a dog or car's skin and hair, pull it off clothing, and wash it down the drain or into the cotton trap. It's very sticky and very flexible and sticky enough to hold onto your skin, hair, dust, and dirt. A washer and dryer movement will help cling to the skin as it falls
Long Lasting & Durable
Skin Safe
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